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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access a free version?

Yes, a free access version is instantly available

How do I access the ASAP CV service?

Getting started is easy, simply click on the ‘Free Access’ button, and you will be presented with some choices, select which works for you i.e. Free Access.

An email will be sent to you immediately with your login details so you can log on and start producing your new CV straight away.

A free Access service is provided completely obligation free, access is available for a full 30 days, with access to some professional CV templates, PDF download, and the guided CV builder process to help you build a great looking CV.

Should you wish to utilise some of the higher level CV build functions such as, create an Applicant Video, CV Website, Word download, full user support service, 12 months access, etc.,  you can opted to setup a subscription at any time.

Can I download and save a copy of my CV?

Yes, you can download a copy in Word or PDF for your use in applying for a job, it also serves as a backup copy on your own device, or for any further modification to the style of the document you may wish to additionally make to it.

Why use ASAP CV?

ASAP CV online is a detailed program specifically produced for job seekers to create a high quality CV online, something we believe is lacking in the marketplace.

It is possibly the most advanced CV/Resume builder around, with unique features such as embedding a 60 second ‘Applicant Video’ into your CV, automatically creating you a ‘CV Website’, and providing instant access to great looking CV’s to accommodate all types of CV styles.

Access is also provided for a full 12 months allowing your CV and Cover Letter to be modified and updated as you apply for different jobs.

Accessing your online CV is easy from any device, from anywhere on the planet, and at any time, making it an easy online service to manage your CV always. The built in email function also assists you to email your details to an employer directly from within the system.

How long will it take me to produce a CV?

You can produce a high quality great looking CV in just a few minutes, and it takes seconds to change the style of your CV by selecting a new CV template from the CV library.

What is the guided process?

The system has an easy structured process to insert your content into different fields, such as, a CV Profile, Work Experience, Education, Skills, Strengths, Qualifications, etc. which enables a technically correct well laid out CV to be easily created.

Additionally, there is a ‘Guide’ reference library of plain speaking notes designed to help you compile a highly technically correct CV document, with tips to help ensure your content is right when it comes to what employers are looking for, or not looking for, and other tips such as getting your CV past recruiting filtering systems, etc.

What are some of the systems unique features?

  • The ability to produce a quality CV quickly, easily and accurately
  • Access dozens of high calibre professional CV templates
  • Add in an Applicant Video into your CV, to really stand out!
  • Provided is a personal CV Website for employers to also see
  • Download CV’s in either Word or PDF formats
  • Build a Cover Letter to complement each CV
  • Create up to 5 CV’s and Cover Letters for different job applications
  • As it is Cloud based access your CV from anywhere

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